What's All The Hype About CBD? Triple Workshops Series by Michele Wildflower HHP, of Nature's Mysteries Apothecary~

This series of workshops is an informational wealth of knowledge! Some of you already know Michelle, she has a booth at the Farmer's Market in town, is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Essential Oil Coach, Homeopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Certified in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Owner and Formulator for Nature's Mysteries. Currently working towards her PhD in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition. She is passionate about plant medicine research and education and enjoys passing on the knowledge. Each workshop will last for an hour~45 min. of instruction and 15 min. of Q and A. Discover the Essence of Plant Medicine~

Series will be held at Mad River Massage in Waitsfield beginning on January 25 at 5:30pm, 2nd on February 8th at 5:30pm, 3rd on March 1st at 5:30pm

On January 10 Michelle went to the Statehouse in Montpelier and educated Legislature about the Cannabis plant.  She gave away lots of samples to Congressmen/women, let them try testers and explained their Endocannabanoid System to them and addressed their safety issues and concerns.

Do you wonder what information was giving to the Legislature? Would you like to learn the many benefits of the Cannabis/Hemp Plant? Come to the CBD Triple Workshop Series and see for yourself!

Suggested Donation $10~
Each Participant will be given a handout at each workshop. By the end of this Series, you will be a CBD Expert!

Spaces limited, so register early with an email!

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Nice to be featured in Vermont State Homes!