Going strong since 1998, we are a team of experienced and knowledgeable therapists, delighted to work with you. We take pride in our customer service and dedication to offer you a truly therapeutic and beneficial experience.

• Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage
• Care for Special Needs
• Energy Modalities
• On-Site Services

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg


Relaxation/Therapeutic/Swedish Massage
The perfect ‘tune-up’ to restore and rejuvenate, this massage is suggested to those seeking to maintain balance and harmony throughout their body systems. Site specific or full body. 

Deep Tissue Therapies
Incorporates any of the following as needed to address specific situations: neuromuscular or trigger point therapies, cranial sacral, sports massage including passive and active/isolated stretching, myofascial and other advanced therapies. 
$75 - $90/hr

Use of hand pressure and gentle stretching to adjust the body’s physical structure and natural energy to help ward off illness and maintain good health. 

Herbal Facial Massage
Massage and Acupressure can relieve stress and tension accumulated in the jaw, forehead, eye and scalp tissue. Especially indicated for individuals seeking relief from headaches, sinus congestion, eye fatigue, tmj and jaw discomfort, and fatigued vocal chords. Muscles of the shoulders and upper back, hands and feet are also addressed.

Hot Stone Massage
Discover the ultimate in relaxation with the primal energy of hot stones. Stress will melt away as the heat penetrates into areas of stored tension. 

Hot Towel Sea Salt Glow
The application of Dead Sea salts and a nourishing blend of warm oils and lotion. Exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates to leave your skin silky smooth. 

Reflexology for Relaxation
Revitalizing to tired feet and hands. This therapy uses reflex points and massage to relax and balance the entire body. Massage may be worked into the session. 


Enjoy the personalized attention given as high quality and organically grown essential oils are chosen to blend with a base lotion or oil to create a mix personalized to your specific needs. Discover the ease and fun of playing with your most acute and ancient sense! 
$5 - $10

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku



We have therapists who have training specific to the needs of people who face serious health issues such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and MS. Call for more information on how compassionate, skilled touch can contribute to one's quality of life. Doctor referral may be required.

Services for Assisted-Living Residents
Gentle compassionate touch offered to ease anxiety, enhance sleep and enhance sense of well-being provided in the comfort of your loved one's residence.


4hoto Credit:  dimnikolov

4hoto Credit: dimnikolov



The re balancing of the subtle layers of energy in and around the body through the use of therapeutic modalities such as Reike, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Chakra Balancing to encourage balance and vitality to ones mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. 

Chi Balancing
An additional option specific for clients experiencing emotional fatigue and stress. Emphasis is placed on passive stretches, visualization and abdominal breathing with special attention given to the sensitive nerve receptors of the scalp, face, hands and feet.  

On-Site Services

Chair Massage
Come join us on our patio by the river any day of the week, or you can find us at the Farmer's Market in Waitsfield on Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. Also a popular option for office settings.  

Table massage provided in the comfort of your home, Inn or local rental.  The same quality service can be expected as with our in-house services.
$95/hr minimum. Group rates available.

Please note the therapists ask for a 4 hour notice of any cancellations. 

Available in ANY Amount! 
We would be happy to mail a Gift Certificate to someone special in your life. A wonderful way to say thank you, celebrate a joyful occassion, or show support through difficult times. 

Please email or call us with the following information:

*Your name and telephone number
*Name of recipient
*Desired service (or dollar amount)
*Length of session (hour, hour and a half)
*Address you would like the Gift Certificate mailed to
*Credit Card Number with expiration date